About Jay

I was born and raised in South India (Bangalore) and have called Atlanta home since 2003 which is when I met Sammie, my Michigan born husband. I work a full time corporate gig at one of the coolest Atlanta based companies. I get to work with a fun, interesting, smart and diverse bunch of people. Did I mention they are some really smart people?

Waking up happy to toodle on down to work is a pretty swell feeling. Since the office is close to home I do get to “toodle” to and from work rather quickly which allows me the luxury of cooking therapy on most days. Sammie and I live in Midtown and are grateful for the nicest bunch of friends (our Atlanta Family) we never thought we’d have the luck to find.

I’m a home cook who is part family taught and part self taught. My knowledge of South Indian food comes from my side of the family, primarily my mother. What I’ve learned about  American food, Louisiana fare and soul food comes from my wonderful in-laws, both of whom have solid kitchen skills. My father-in-law left this world in August of 2014, his mark will remain on our BBQ, gumbo and soups.

I’m a bona fide foodie. It is amazing how  a passing whiff of something familiar can unpack decade old memories in technicolor. I love the anticipation when I’m about to taste something new or relish something old and familiar. What I enjoy even more than eating my own cooking is watching someone taste my cooking and knowing before they say a word if it hit the spot or if they’re thinking up the kindest thing they can say to me. I love making it, sharing it, being comforted by it and celebrating family and friends with  it. Speaking of friends, a few years ago two of them hatched some dizzyingly detailed plans for me to conduct cooking classes. As exciting as it sounded, just thinking about the logistics was overwhelming for a home cook who wasn’t quite ready to take on that kind of “work” but it got me started on this blog. My posts have been sporadic but I’m still here.

This blog also addresses the persistent challenge I’ve had with remembering all the variations I play around with constantly. I rustle up something when inspiration strikes and I swear there is no way I’ll forget how I made it but give it three weeks and I’m standing around in my kitchen racking my brains for what it was I did and wishing for the umpteenth time I had the discipline to write it down somewhere. This recipe box should help me not just to hang on to the good recipes but to tweak them with the help of fellow foodies.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you read or see something interesting. Do come back and visit.

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