In this Recipe Box

You will find….

  • Recipes for earthy, simple, comfort food and my riff on classics.
  • Adaptations of recipes by some of my favorite chefs, both famous and less famous and original recipes (as original as recipes can get!)
  • Adaptations and original recipes that friends and family are happy to share.
  • A handy trick or technique that I stumble across every now and again.
  • Food news that grabs my attention or food related social awareness news.
  • Very occasional mentions of local (Atlanta) flavor, a restaurant, market, store, fresh local produce or product that grabs my attention.
  • Mentions of a wine or other spirit that pleased my plebeian palate, which mustn’t be taken for an authoritative pairing suggestion. I don’t play by old school wine pairing rules, wine enthusiasm is way more fun than wine snobbery. I see myself as an adventurous wine enthusiast. Translation, I like to drink a lot of wine, period. Some are memorable, others grow on me and a few I want to forget. I’ve found 8 dollar wines (mostly Argentinian) that would laugh at some of the 25 dollar wines I’ve had so I learned that price doesn’t distinguish a better wine from a lesser one.
  • Mention of the odd cocktail recipe,  odd because I’m mostly a wine or scotch girl and only very occasionally will I reach for a cocktail or beer.

You won’t find….

  • High gourmet or sommelier recommendations.
    Note reference to my approach to wine drinking earlier.
    Based on some conversations I’ve had recently I must clarify that when I say high gourmet I am not referring to any particular style or cuisine i.e. eating snails by any other name is in not qualitatively or culturally better than eating oxtails if you get my cultural drift. High gourmet is my way of describing complex recipes that involve rare and expensive ingredients.
  • Baking recipes.
    My free wheeling, follow the taste buds style of “a dash of this, a little of that and a big helping of the other” does not work well when it comes to baking so I’ll leave that alone, at least for now.
  • Calorie counting.
    I go for a big picture healthy balance approach.
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