Cinnamon-Kissed Mimosa

Some Sundays are simply not like others, they pop, fizz and feel so darn special. Most times I’m not sure if it is the Sunday that is special or that it is also Sammie-day, the one day out of our busy long (especially his) work week that Sammie and I have carved out as our “us” day. No chores or errands intrude, so there is nowhere to go and nothing to do except enjoy being with each other on a crisp, fall Sunday just fizzing with feel-good. Just the kind of Sunday for a Cinnamon-Kissed Mimosa. Even the “mostly” scotch and beer drinking Sammie gives them two thumbs up.

Prep time: 1 hour | Total time:  1 hour & 5 minutes| Servings: 6


Cinnamon-Kissed Mimosa (Jay)


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