Easy make-at-home Mediterranean lamb in pita pockets

Eating lamb at Mediterranean restaurants has become increasingly hard to do since more and more of them are opting to mix lamb and beef. We are able get lamb Souvlaki but as for the rest, a mix of beef and lamb is what most restaurants around us seem to prefer. So we get our Mediterranean fix home-made. Like these little Gyro inspired pita pockets. It is ridiculous how easy it is to pull together and how little time it takes. After three of these babies you’ll be crying “Opa!

Prep time: 3 hrs (or buy Greek yogurt) | Total time: 30 min | Serves : 4

Lamb Pita Pockets (By Jay)

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Back-to-Basics MediterraneanĀ Salad

Temperatures have been dipping and my taste for the cold and juicy is giving way to a taste for warm sweet potatoes, lamb rib soup, pot pies and stews. So this is probably my last stab at really cold cucumber and tomato for the year. It is labeled a “Greek Salad” in America but since we are sure the Greeks make hundreds of wonderful salads that some of us haven’t discovered, we won’t reduce it to a blanket Greek Salad. After the numerous times I’ve had to explain that “curry” is far from a singular, universally recognized dish across India or South Asia I ought to have learned something, right? So let’s just say that this is how I like the American version of one of the most popular of Greek salads we know.

Mediterranean Salad (Jay)

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Mediterranean Garlic Chicken

Many moons, bubbles, double dipping recessions, one president and a tea party ago I had clipped out a Mediterranean chicken recipe from a book. I can’t tell what book it was to be able to give the original creator credit. The original recipe didn’t seem to have enough zing for my South Indian palate so this is how I zinged it up.

I’d like to try other variations with different fresh herbs, I also have the urge to do an orange juice and brandy variation. Let me know if you have ideas and recipes.

Prep time: 5 min | Total Time: 25 min | Servings: 4

Mediterranean Style Garlic Chicken (Jay)

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