South Indian Curried Mint Lamb Masala

So this is one of those dishes that South Indians like myself will routinely pull out of thin air. While it is my recipe in the particular combination of spices and exclusion of others, it is also universal to South Indian food by virtue of the style of the dish.

Sammie loved it but then he enjoys almost everything lamb that I’ve ever made. I’m hoping my dear friend and (sometimes wise) guide Bashirah enjoyed it. I say sometimes because on at least one recent occasion she managed to forget the brilliant advice she routinely drops on me after we’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. When I did remind her she was visibly impressed with her own advice. I hope there wasn’t too much vino involved when she tasted this lamb masala and it’s been a while so I’m hoping it was good enough for her to remember it. Sorry Bashirah that was some low hanging fruit.

Prep time: 1 hour | Total time: 1.75 hours | Servings: 4
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