Jay’s Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

My personal take on this classic English comfort food is slightly unorthodox but it never fails to comfort. I could never seem to make a large enough pie to satisfy Sammie and things got ugly when he started accusing me of cheating him of his birthright to eat meat. He wasn’t happy about having plighted his troth to someone who resorted to underhanded conniving to make sure he ate healthy and ate more vegetables than meat. Well, my gig was up so I cooed and soothed promising to double up on the pie size. I then started making two medium size pies. The overall quantity of meat and potatoes was the same and I must admit I went up on the veggies a teeny bit. Suddenly Sammie had more than enough Shepherd’s Pie to eat! As he tucked in  I remember him wagging his fork at me reminding me that a real man’s got to eat some real meat! And he reminded me for the umpteenth time that he was a full-blooded American man with an appetite to match. He was having such a good time with the eating and listening to himself talk that I didn’t have the heart to wag my finger back at him and tell him that he was eating about the same amount of food. So remember this stays between us.

Prep time: 25 minutes | Total time: 45 minutes| Servings: 4

Shepherd's pie with Spinach on the side (by Jay)

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